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SCC authors, poets, and visual artists display their work

The Suisun Valley Review published their 32nd issue

Luningning de Jesus, Staff writer

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Contributions from a number of Solano Community College students, past and present, were selected for publication in the 2015 edition of the Suisun Valley Review (SVR), Solano’s literary magazine, established in 1981 by Quinton Duval.

Elizabeth Campbell, English major and 2015 Quinton Duval awardee, will see her prize-winning poem, Winters’ Coming, published along with another poem, Hunting Season. Dylan Youngers, majoring in mathematics and linguistics, received Honorable Mention for between drinking and drowning is a fine, fine line, which will see print in the Quinton Duval Award section.

Anita Nygren, another English major, has been a student editor for the Suisun Valley Review for two years. This year, her poem, Gaslight, was anonymously chosen for publication.

“Being published was one goal I wanted to meet before I graduated,” said Nygren. “Words can’t describe the joy I feel knowing that I have achieved my goal.”

Other SCC poets whose pieces appear in the 32nd Suisun Valley Review include:

  • Joshua Gray (exe)
  • Cody Eisen (Felicity)
  • Brandon Hood (In Peaceful Air)
  • Armando Quiros (Sakura Blossoms, Phonetically Drunk)

SCC authors whose short fiction appear in the current SVR include:

  • Rory Ibarra (Resonate)
  • Webb Johnson (Emma’s Gift)
  • Ashley Mitchell (Kindling)
  • Christopher Summers (A Constant Temple)

SCC artists whose works of art see print in this year’s SVR include:

  • Desiree Allyn (Landscape)
  • Jared Boston (Hand in Hand)
  • Cody Eisen (Gaseous)
  • Satomi Richardson (A Cat)

Allyn will be acknowledged along with other visual art contributors at the Suisun Valley Review Release Reading at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at the Solano Community College library. Campbell, Gray, Hood, Ibarra, Nygren and Quiros will be reading their published pieces during the event.

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  1. S"Amauria Nicole Tatum on December 23rd, 2015 1:17 pm

    I was also apart of the poetry club and learned a lot about poetry which was actually very fun. If you go here join as many clubs as you can but don’t forget your school work I know I didn’t enjoy!


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The student voice of Solano Community College
SCC authors, poets, and visual artists display their work