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ASSC suffers funding woes

Mitch Hedifant

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Funding for the Associated Students of Solano College-and the clubs, activities, and students services they provide-has taken a hit as a result of the ongoing remodeling.

Another important revenue stream, that being student ID cards, has shrunk as well.

Additionally, club members now have to go “out of pocket,” and be reimbursed, as advances for club activities are no longer being provided.

“We just took a cut in the places where we receive our revenue” said ASSC President Shawn Be.

“Vending machines have been unplugged or removed from buildings because of the renovation,” Be said.

“They’re not finding their way back,” concluded Lillian Nelson, ASSC student trustee.

ASSC Advisor Shirley Lewis said vending machine revenues are down 33 percent.

She fears the impact may be felt campus-wide.

“[The shortfall] affects ASSC ability to put on activities, special projects, and programs.”

Lewis indicated the ASSC funds annual grants totaling $40,000. ASSC has funded the daycare center playground, ethnic studies guest lecturers, computers in the Vacaville center, a commercial CD burner for the business department, equipment for the music department, and on-going book loans for students.

Student clubs are already feeling the effects.

“We applied for funding and we didn’t get a thing,” said Vaneet Lomba, vice president of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE).

“We do enough fundraising to support the members we send to national conference,” he said. A previous national conference was held in Dallas, TX, according to Lomba.

Other clubs have not fared as well as SHPE.

“A lot of students don’t even go (to conferences) because they don’t have the money,” said Angela Echeverri-Lompre, vice president of AGS, a campus honor society.

She also serves as president of SHPE, and laments that advisors’ expenses are no longer being covered.

“Everyone assumes advisors’ expenses are covered,” Echeverri-Lompre said.

“The club is supposed to cover their expenses,” she said.

ASSC advisor Lewis indicated that revenue from the sale of student ID cards for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2006 is $20,461, down from $44,000 in past years.

“The figure is not even divisible by five,” Lewis pointed out.

Lewis speculated that many services that required a student ID in the past no longer require one.

She also said that without advances, club members are paying out of their own pockets for fundraisers.

Lewis highlighted ASSC Student Trustee Nelson’s outlay of $300 for a recent barbeque.

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The student voice of Solano Community College
ASSC suffers funding woes