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Paris Trip Immortalized Through Photo Exhibit

Melisandra Russell

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A new exhibit featuring Solano College’s Photography department is opening at the Benicia Public Library Thursday, Feb. 28th. The photographs are from the “Study Abroad” trip to Paris, France taken in July 2007 by 13 photography students. It is the second time that Solano students have visited Paris.

Besides trips to France, photography instructor Ron Zak and his students have traveled to Costa Rica, China, and New York several times for their photo exhibits. This summer they may be going to Bali. Any student interested in joining one of these trips must be enrolled in a photography class and own a camera. The trips cost usually under $3,000, and consist of “comfortable accommodations,” according to Sheila Ryan, Solano College Photography student who has attended the annual “Study Abroad” trip eight times with Zak.

Ryan says Zak is an “inspiring teacher and a great travel guide.” Students do lots of site seeing on these trips too. “Zak walks your legs off,” says Ryan.

The official opening reception of the exhibit is on Sunday, March 2 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Benicia Library. The exhibit is open to the public, and will be displayed in the Art Gallery till April 3. You can find the Benicia Public Library at 150 East L St. Benicia, CA 94510.

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The student voice of Solano Community College
Paris Trip Immortalized Through Photo Exhibit