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Week of voting begins

Melanie Parkham

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Associated Students of Solano College elections are here, and the candidates are waiting for your vote. 


With three candidates running- Mary Lexi Parmer for President, Jennifer Sandoval for Vice President and John Glidden for Student Trustee, the contenders have been campaigning to promote themselves and are eager for student participation in this election. 


After being on ASSC for three semesters, Sandoval hopes that by being elected she will be able to accomplish more communication on campus.


“It’s one of the main issues I feel we have on this campus, which may be the reason many students don’t really know about events, forums, news, etc. One thing I’ll definitely try out, whether I’m voted in or not, is to try to promote communication and involvement between the school and students,” Sandoval said.


According to Sandoval, there are no others running against the three candidates.

However, student participation is still encouraged. 


“There are so many items that are discussed on ASSC that have big and small effects on students, and I feel students should definitely play a huge role in these decisions and outcomes,” Sandoval stated.


Elections will be held until April 22 in the Student Union Lobby (1400 building), from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


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The student voice of Solano Community College
Week of voting begins