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Club Promo Day Around the Corner

Angeline Todd

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What can you actually do at college besides, well, go to college?

On Wednesday, September 22, the clubs and societies of Solano Community College will set up Club Promo Day in the 1400 building to tell you what you could be doing with your spare time.

SCC has dozens of clubs, ranging from math to judo to cosmetology to paintball. The large variety offers potential extracurricular activities to interest anyone, and the clubs will bring out their best as they try to recruit new members.

Club Promo Day is planned for the middle of Solano Daze, a week of club activities run by the ASSC. The ASSC is encouraging clubs to hold events such as barbeques and other fun club activities.

You can start your own club. To start a new club or renew an old one, ask at the Student Development Center for a Club Renewal Packet.

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The student voice of Solano Community College
Club Promo Day Around the Corner