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Human Collective Club looks toward future of club to help community

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The Human Collective Club starts out strong during this Fall 2015 year. Founded in Spring 2015, the club combines psychology and the human services department to come together with a common goal of helping others. A big goal of the club is to provide leadership opportunities for the students of Solano College. They enforce training so that students may apply human service skills and look at human nature from a bio cycle social perspective.

“You can see the different starting points between them,” said Saki Cabrera, psychology professor and supervisor of the Human Collective Club. “Students are starting to talk together.”

The goal of the Human Collective Club, according to President Bryan Ashford, is to “Spread the word of mental illness. I find that a lot of people do not take it as seriously as we should.”

The club plans to run four projects for this whole semester. Cabrera praises the group for their high goals, claiming that “It’s huge for a club that just started.”

One of the projects they host is the Weave Project. It is aimed toward assisting domestic violence survivors by providing support with some primary necessities like toiletries and food.
“We put out a call for help from Solano College,” says Cabrera. “They donated items and we are going through them.”

They will host mental illness presentations in partnership with NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness). They plan to showcase a cultural event as well and are currently looking for speakers from different cultures, not just limited to ethnicity and race. The Human Collective club will also partake in the Suicide Awareness Walk and participate in cancer awareness by chopping off their hair.

The future of the club looks promising, according to Cabrera. “I am getting calls from other people and professors who want to combine with our club,” said Cabrera.

“[We are getting] positive feedback and people are doing what they said they would do.”

“It’s just the beginning,” said Cabrera. “It shows the testament of humanity.”

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The student voice of Solano Community College
Human Collective Club looks toward future of club to help community