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Club holds lofty goal to feed the needy

Judith Perez and Nelson Rodriguez

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The Baker’s Favorite Club of Solano Community College is hosting a Thanksgiving meal Nov. 19. The club, along with community members and sponsors, plans to raise money to feed homeless individuals and displaced families in the Solano County area, especially students attending SCC.

“Some of them have lost their homes, sleep in their cars, live in shelters, or going from house to house,” says Beverly Cloudy. “So I thought it was important for them to have a good home cooked meal.”

The Baker’s Favorite Club has been hosting numerous food sales during the semester in order to raise funds for this event. They are also soliciting donations from local businesses and farms.

The goal of the event is to prepare a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal for many students as a comforting event during the winter months.

“Everyone is welcome to have dinner with us,” Cloudy said.

The club is requesting donations of supplies and funds, including turkeys, ham, potatoes, paper plates, etc. For more information or to help, contact Beverly Cloudy, club president, at to arrange donation pickup, or send non-perishable donations directly to the Bakers Favorite Club in room 1425.

Other ways to donate

1. SCC Turkey Drive

Every year, Donna Meyer, adminstrative asst. for the school of liberal arts, organizes a turkey drive to benefit needy families in Solano County. Donations, in the form of turkeys, non-perishable food items, or cash/checks, can be taken directly to room 1315 for donation. The department with the most donations wins!

2. Food Bins

You may have noticed the food bins placed around campus. Bring non-perishable food donations to donate to those in need.

3. ‘Trot’ away extra holiday pounds

Wake up bright and early, throw your turkey in the oven, and head on over the the annual Solano County Turkey Trot. Proceeds from the run benefit Solano Hearts United, a group consisting of Meals on Wheels, Mission Solano, and Children’s Nurturing Project.

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Club holds lofty goal to feed the needy