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Here’s why you should take a serious look at Bernie Sanders

Jace Barrera, Staff Writer

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When Martin Shkreli, co-founder of MSMB Capital Management, raised the price of Darapim, a prescription drug used by HIV positive patients and others to treat a life-threatening parasite infection, from $13.50 to $750, the world was furious. CNN reported that as a 5,000 percent markup.

According to media reports, Shkreli donated $2,700 to Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidate campaign soon after.

Jace Barrera

Jace Barrera

Instead of returning the money as a rejection, Sanders donated the money to Whitman-Walker Health, a community health center specializing in HIV/AIDS care and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender care based in Washington, DC.

Shkreli was furious when Sanders rejected his offer, tweeting that, “If Bernie Sanders doesn’t want my money, he can send it back to me. Keeping it and then donating that amount of charity means he still accepted it.” Sanders responded, saying, “[Shkreli] is the poster boy for pharmaceutical company greed.”

What Shkreli did is proof that we need people like Sanders, because it proves that we need regulations on healthcare like what Sanders proposes. Sanders told BusinessInsider, “Americans should not have to live in fear that they will go bankrupt if they get sick. People should not have to go without the medication they need just because their elected officials aren’t willing to challenge the drug and health care industry lobby.”

Sanders is also planning to fix the income and wealth inequality, work towards making college tuition free, getting big money out of politics, raising minimum wage to something you can live on, increasing awareness on and combating climate change, and many, many other things that would, frankly, make the U.S. a better place to live. Bernie Sanders is the best presidential choice for 2016 presidential election.


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One Response to “Here’s why you should take a serious look at Bernie Sanders”

  1. California College Students for Fiscal Responsibility on April 13th, 2016 9:27 am

    I don’t really like the Senators free college & healthcare plans. I believe that the world doesn’t owe us a living.


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The student voice of Solano Community College
Here’s why you should take a serious look at Bernie Sanders