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Taxpayers will be paying off bonds for another 20 years

Melanie Lutz

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In 2002, the taxpayers of Solano County passed $124.5 million Bond Measure G, to improve the facilities at Solano Community College. $5 million of that money was used to remodel Building 300, the main science and engineering building on campus. The remodeling was only completed in 2011, and these bonds will not be paid off by the taxpayers for another twenty years.

In 2012, Bond Measure Q was passed, providing another $348 million for capital improvements at SCC, including a new science building. According to the most recent plans, announced by interim bond manager Thomas Beckett on November 4th, the college administration now proposes to demolish Building 300, despite the fact that the faculty in the science and engineering departments have pointed out that the proposed new science building will not provide nearly enough space for all of our lecture and laboratory classes. The cynical logic behind this plan is apparently that, if Building 300 is demolished, in a few years the college will be able to demonstrate to the state that it needs more space, and will be high on the list to receive state funding for yet another new building!

If these plans go through, the taxpayers will be paying off bonds for another twenty years, millions of dollars of which were spent on a building that will soon be torn down and replaced by grass and concrete. I urge all interested taxpayers, students and graduates of SCC to attend the next Governing Board meeting at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, December 2, in the boardroom of Building 600, at 4000 Suisun Valley Road in Fairfield, and make your feelings known.

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  1. California College Students for Fiscal Responsibility on March 23rd, 2016 2:52 pm

    Unfirtunately, I wasn’t taking classes back in December. But I do think that we should not be giving the college or the state any more money until we can be assured that the money we do give them is benefitting us.


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