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SCC softball loses regional playoffs

Solano infielder Aleyna Benipayo scores a run for the team during their home game May 3 at Solano College.

Mo'Nique Booker, Sports co-editor

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The Solano Community College softball team lost their bid to advance to state regionals over the weekend, dropping two games to West Valley College in the 2015 CCCAA Regional Round One Playoffs. The Falcons, playing on their home field, lost 9-7 Saturday, May 2, and lost again 9-8 Sunday May 3.

Overall the season went great for SCC softball coach Terri Pearson-Bloom. They won their 10th consecutive Bay Valley Championship this year and went undefeated in conference with a record 20-0 this season.

Pearson-Bloom said she couldn’t pick a standout player.

“You can’t pick one, this is a team sport. There are some players that had a statistically amazing season or great performances but one injury, one illness and we’ve lost games because we are only as good as the total.”

For next season Pearson-Bloom says she expects another championship. “And hopefully another run in the state championship and great returning athletes and good recruiting and hopefully continue the success of the program next year.”

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SCC softball loses regional playoffs