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SCC club’s pre-holiday dinner is a hit

Lynden Small cooks turkeys for the meal Thursday Nov. 19 outside the cafeteria.

Judith Perez, staff writer

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With the help of numerous volunteers, fundraisering, and other support, the Solano Community College Baker’s Favorite club met their goal to feed the needy Thursday with flying colors. People around the community, students, faculty, and even district officials came into SCC’s faculty room for a bite of Thanksgiving dinner.

“Bakers from communities around Vacaville and Fairfield donated baked goods,” said Toni Decosster, a volunteer who donated many hot containers.

“It comes from devoted people who came together to achieve a common goal of helping students and feeding the hungry,” said Lynden Small, president of the SCC culinary club. “We stayed late at night making sure all the food was cooked, ready and delicious. All the clubs collaborated. Our goal in this semester is to work together to reach greater heights.”

The doors opened at 2 p.m. Thursday Nov. 19.  Around 4:30p.m. they ran out of food. Organizers estimated there was enough food to feed 500 people.

“I am so proud of the Baker’s Favorite club and the ASSC for stepping up to assist them,” said Rischa Slade, Solano’s director of student life. “Many of the senators were up all night cooking together to serve our students. This is an example of what is yet to come from our student government.”

“I am happy we had a great turnout and that everybody seemed to enjoy the food,” said Beverly Cloudy, president of Baker’s Favorite. “It’s a joy that we can all be thankful for something.”

Some of the sponsors included Target, Costco, Meyer Corporation, Safeway, Sam’s Club, Grocery Outlet, ASSC, Chez Soul, Jelly Belly, and Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce.

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SCC club’s pre-holiday dinner is a hit