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McAhren’s big day leads the Falcons to first win

Peter Withey

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It took seven weeks, but the Solano Falcons finally won their first game of the season, a 46-29 victory at College of Marin Saturday.

The Falcons started the scoring fast, with wide receiver Bobby Guillory returning a kickoff 75 yards for a score. Solano scored 26 points in the first quarter, and 33 for the first half.

“It was a whole group effort,” said head coach Floyd Burnsed of the first win of the season.

Falcons quarterback Blake McAhren threw for 333 yards and scored five touchdowns (four passing, one running) to lead the Falcons in both categories.

Guillory caught the ball three times for 115 yards, one an 80-yard score from McAhren.

Fellow wide receiver Michael Hicks caught the ball six times for 115 yards and one touchdown, a 45-yard score.

The Falcons defense intercepted four passes. Charles Urruida intercepted two, with Kevin Bohn and Jared Reding each snagging one.

“The kids played great. They played good when they needed to,” said defensive coordinator Kevin Marks. “We pressured the quarterback upfront (contributing to the interceptions.).”

The Falcons play Contra Costa College next weekend at home. Burnsed said that the team needs to avoid making mistakes to continue winning ball games.
“(We) Just (need) to keep playing well and don’t make mistakes. Turnovers and mistakes are what cost you ball games,” he said.

Marks said that the defense needs to continue its good play to win next week.

“Our defensive line needs to make a lot of plays on the line of scrimmage.”

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The student voice of Solano Community College
McAhren’s big day leads the Falcons to first win